SnakeEye™ BK-03W421

SnakeEye™ BK-03W421 Advanced Camera Inspection System

Advanced Camera Inspection System

The SnakeEye™ BK-02W421 Advanced system is based on the classic SnakeEye™ III system but with additional equipment to give an enhanced kit.



SnakeEye™ III includes an audio function to add stand-alone voice notes during live video mode. Additionally audio comments can be added to individual snapshots stored on the card whilst browsing the images. The system is designed to function in harsh working environment.

SnakeEye™ Camera Inspection System

BK-03W421 equipment consists of:

  • 127mm TFT-LCD monitor, (640 x 480 colour pixels)
  • 29mm diameter CCD camera with 4 integral white lights (LED’s)
  • 8mm dia miniature camera, 3m with LED white lights
  • EnergyBox Extended Life NiMH Battery Pack (10 hour rechargeable)
  • Rigid wand adapter, 457mm length with 90 degree articulation
  • 2GB SD Card, Mini USB cable & SD card reader
  • Finger adapter
  • NiMH Rechargable Battery Pack (qty 4)
  • Rapid Battery (Smart) charger unit
  • AC adapter (Switching Power Supply)
  • 110-240V AC  50/60Hz and mains cable
  • DC adapter (car)
  • IP68 kit
  • Operators Manual
  • SnakeEye™ III equipment packed in Customised Pelicase.